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Should I Become An Entrepreneur? Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself...

Becoming an entrepreneur, Starting a business, Starting a clothing brand. Derrick Jones provides amazing insight and resources on steps that beginners should start a business
Should I Become An Entrepreneur? Top 5 Questions To Ask Yourself...
Have you ever wondered what goes on in the minds of successful business owners, influencers, and artists? People that live the life they love because they are doing what they love each and everyday. Check this out ->

So, you probably landed on this page because you may be in a position where you are working a 9-5, or like me that was working a 9-8 job thinking, "this can't be it, I want to do more with my life". It leads to the point where you are debating on starting your own business, becoming an influencer, doing stocks, becoming an artist, and the list goes on!

Thats amazing by the way, it means you are wanting more for yourself!

Before we start, who am I?

Well my name is Derrick Jones. I am self-driven entrepreneur, aspiring author, and writer who has had to deal with multiple circumstances that have made me learn and continue to self educate myself in life. Before now, I had started and failed multiple businesses before I got to my current business called Stage One Athletics. We are a purpose-driven clothing brand that represents athletic and lifestyle type clothing that is centered around for people that don't know, do know, or are trying to know what their passion, purpose, and beliefs are in this world.

If you would like to learn more about my business and see how the process of starting a clothing brand starts. Subscribe, and ask questions. Because I'll be posting the ins and outs of how and I'd be more than happy to help you out and grow! Without anymore hesitation, Lets get into it!

What we are about to cover below is 5 things + a bonus I've personally learned from my experiences being an aspiring entrepreneur and still a current one with no means of stopping.  Things I have realized and had to overcome so far.

#1 - Do You Have A Growth Mindset

What is Mindset? Mindset is a collection of behaviors, attitudes, beliefs, and how you perceive and carry yourself through daily situations

There are two types of mindset according to an article written by Kendra Cherry and research done by a Stanford Psychologist, Carol Dweck. This is how they defined the two types.

According to Dweck, there are two basic mindsets: fixed and growth. If you have a fixed mindset, you believe your abilities are fixed traits and therefore can't be changed. You may also believe that your talent and intelligence alone leads to success, and effort is not required.
On the flipside, if you have a growth mindset, you believe that your talents and abilities can be developed over time through effort and persistence. People with this mndset don't necessarily believe that everyone can become Einstein or Mozart just because they try. They do, however, believe that everyone can get smarter or more talented if they work at it.

Essentially, your mindset breaks down to if you have a "Growth Mindset". It's your ability to push past your limits and your comfort zone so you can "grow".


A "Fixed Mindset". Holding yourself to a certain standard that limits your ability to push yourself outside of your "Comfort Zone"

Just like habits, Your mindset is the same way, it CAN change. But that decision is up to You.

Why having a growth mindset is important:

Just like the gym, you go there to get out of your comfort zone and push stronger and harder. To grow physically and mentally! Choose to push those limits, I promise  it's worth it!

#2 - Do You Have Hard Work Ethic & Self Discipline?

I put Work Ethic and Self-Discipline together because these two go hand and hand, and a strong work ethic can lead to amazing forms of discipline!

It wasn't until I saw a guy named Andy Elliott on YouTube, who eventually really taught me what it took to become successful, and made me realize in how sales and marketing correlates to everyday life. Andy Elliott is known, especially in the car sales world for making over $700k+ selling cars in year and over $3,000,000 being a GM of a dealership in one year as well. He now runs the fastest growing automotive training company in the world called "The Elliott Group".

Thats me above when I met Andy in person. I had attended his seminar of April, 2021, and I uh... didn't see him say "ready" to take the picture Lol...

The reason I decided to invest in him is not because he was a successful car salesman or he was a an established entrepreneur already. But because of the work ethic, and his astounding self-discipline. In person, this mans eyes are like lasers, it made wonder if he sleeps!

Two things he says often and that are simple to understand, but hard to make a habit of, is these.

"I am a strong believer of what's practiced in private, is shown in public"

and as well

"The best investment you could make in life is yourself"

Hearing those two quotes put some perspective to one of the reasons I failed in the past when finishing businesses. When the motivation was there, I sure showed up. When things got hard, is when I slowly stopped going after it.

Why you need hard work ethic and self-discipline:

Remember entrepreneurship has to start with you. That also means no one is going to care more than you. So, you Have to hold yourself accountable. And Hard Work Ethic and Discipline are essential.

#3 How Much Patience Do You Have?

One of the hardest things, especially for the younger generation, struggles with patience. Including me at times.

I personally believe it has to do with growing up in a world of faster technology advancements. Before technology got big, People learned how to earn, how to save, and how hard work is going to be the only reason you get anywhere in life. To where peoples hard work, and discipline figured out amazing ways to make cell phones, to having things easily ordered online, online businesses making it the normal, to now having the real world possibly turn digital. The younger generations adapted quickly to how to operate, improve, and innovate the new technology as well.

I'm sure you have heard the term, "Patience is a virtue". It's a term that is used verbally often, but is not acted upon as often as it's used. According to Neil Burton M.D, who is a psychiatrist, philosopher, and writer. Goes into depth about what patience is a virtue is.

Being both useful and difficult, patience is often thought of as a virtue, but it can also be understood as a complex of virtues including self-control, humility, tolerance, generosity, and mercy, and is itself an important aspect of other virtues such as hope, faith, and love.

Why you have to have & learn patience:

Learning patience is an admirable skill, and since it is a skill that is fading. That means if you decide to learn patience, you will have the upper hand. Patience is one of the biggest reasons businesses fail, especially nowadays. I failed before because of it. Businesses are built in days and months. Successful businesses are built in years on end. Let that sink in.

#4 Are You A Structured  Person?

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail"

I'm gonna start this one off by giving the reason first. Mainly because this is what I struggled the most with. Naturally I am an unorganized person, but I also never tried being structured before. Don't knock it till you try it right?

It was hard at first, and if you are naturally an unorganized person, You Will Struggle. but it's okay, you just have to have The Growth Mindset to push through!

It took me a few months to finally make a habit out of putting structure in my life.

Why is structure important?

Personally, I believe from my experience. Having a structure is important because, it's a way to shape your day and develop a mindset that keeps you in a productive state of mind. It gives you that feeling of self-control and as well as enhances your ability to organize and lower stress levels. That is as long as you stick to it. It's easier to break a habit than keep up with one.

Lori Harder, who is an entrepreneur and #1 Author. Known for her book called "A Tribe Called Bliss". In a video she released a while back, she goes into how structure also creates Freedom. Freedom because you set the tone of your schedule, and when you know whats ahead. You are allowing yourself to stress less, because you know what to expect.

In another sense, it's like making your bed every morning. It makes you feel more productive, and at the same time. Experts say it also gives you sense of pride, and also a sense of urgency to get other things done. Be proactive in your life, and create a sense of control, you'll need it for when things aren't going your way.

#5 Do You Have A Reason or A Why?

Fun Fact, Why is the #1 universal word that creates an emotional response.

Don't Believe me?

Ask yourself these questions, it'll make you think

Let's say it's as simple as someone pointing out your shoes, and they ask: Why did you decide to wear those shoes? Or Why did you decide to wear that today?

Answer that question, and think about how it makes you feel.

What happens is that it will make you give a reaction response to validate the reason why it is, of what you did!

Simon Sinek, An Optimist and who is known for his book that not only me, but many others would recommend is "Start with Why". Famous for inspiring others for having motivation to come to work each and everyday.

Why is having.a reason/why important?

It is important because it's not only for you, it's going to be for the people you are trying to reach and touch. It creates emotion, it creates feelings, and it also can create movements.

Easy to understand from, but powerful examples of inspiring people with whys are MLK, John F. Kennedy, & Einstein. Some modern day examples of people with strong why's are Simon Sinek, Gary Vee, and NF Real Music.

Once you find out the reason why you aspire to do more. Whether it's for yourself, your family/ friends, or for the greater good.

You can find out who you do it for, and both those components are an essential key that will spark your motivation when you have none.

#6 Bonus: Do you have a Vision?

I added this one in because for some people, they have could have a why and all these other components, but still not a vision.

Back then the day, there wasn't a huge pool of aspiring entrepreneurs, fast track to 2022. You need a vision to succeed in my opinion, it's the difference between 2nd and 1st place.

There is a quote done by Joel A. Barker who states:

"Vision without action is a dream, Action without vision just passes the time, Vision with action can change the world".

Why is Vision important?

The reason I say vision is required now is because time has sped up in the world of entrepreneurship, If you aren't on top and consistently and constantly hustling towards your vision, I guarantee you someone else with a similar vision and mindset is.

Ask yourself this question, Do you want it bad enough?

In entrepreneurship - "Everybody who starts will want to quit, but not everybody who quits will start again".